Unisex Copper Pipe Bracelet

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Another of my copper pipe bracelets that can be worn by man or woman.  This one looks more folded over vs. the others but still has alot of texture and GREAT color.  Smaller pipe used that I hammered, textured, manipulated until I liked what I saw.  Filed, sanded, cleaned til it was shiny then flame painted it.  The colors on this one are bold and beautiful !  Lovely shades of purple, pink, blue, yellow, golds, copper and green.  It's amazing what a torch will do.  The ends can be pressed in to make it smaller or pulled out to make it larger but as it is right now, according to my sizer it will fit up to an 8" wrist.  Manipulate the ends either in or out and it will adjust to the size you want.  The ends are hard to press or pull but they will move.  I've done it myself with this bracelet. 

I have not sealed the colors yet but will do so if you request it with a non toxic sealer.