Take Your Pick - Stack Bracelets

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VERY lightweight copper stack bracelets.  All are stamped each with a different design.  Some are flame painted while others have a rustic patina on them.  Easy to adjust by gently pushing the ends together or apart.  Choose which one you would like and when purchasing, just let me know your choice. 

Sizes are with the ends touching and will vary but all but 2 will fit up to a 7 1/2" wrist.  See below for details.

Top to bottom of photo (wrist to fingers):

DRAGONS stamped design: Flame painted - Up to 7 1/2" wrist (larger sized),  COME TOGETHER - Rustic patina - Up to 7 1/2" snug,  LET IT BE - Flame pained - Up to 7 1/2" comfortably.,  HEARTS - Rustic patina - Up to 7 1/2" comfortably,  FLAME - Flame painted - up to 7 1/2" comfortably,  FLOWER - Rustic patina - Larger sized up to an 8" wrist, ROLLING MILL PATTERN - Flame painted - Up to an 8" wrist - larger sized.

Shipping will vary depending on how many you purchase.  Purchase all of them and receive free shipping.