Man's Copper Pipe Cuff Bracelet

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This copper pipe cuff bracelet is built for a man.  It's heavy, bold and cannot be adjusted unless a vise is used.  I would suggest this is best for a larger man.  Copper pipe  MUST be annealed (softened) over and over in order to get it to "move".  It is a timely process but oh so worth it.   I LOVE the way this one turned out.  If I could wear it I would.  I simply adore the texturing.  I hammered, punched and manipulated the copper pipe, again, til I saw what I liked.  Filed, sanded and cleaned it all up then flame painted it with my trusty torch.  The beautiful colors always surprise and amaze me.  Blues, purples, greens, copper, yellows and reds. 

As is, this bracelet is 7" long.  To adjust it to fit, a vise is required and I'm not joking.  It's heavy and it's hard.  That's why it's for a manly mad.  :) 

Because it's so big, shipping is higher than normal.  It has to go it a taller box.  Does not fit into a small flat rate box at all.