Copper Pipe Cuff Bracelet

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This style of bracelet can be worn by male or female.  Made from clean copper pipe.  I hammered, textured and manipulated the copper until I liked what I saw.  Then I filed, sanded and cleaned it some more til it shined.  For the coloring, I flame painted it to get these lovely colors.  I have not sealed it simply because if I wanted to flame paint it again, I could.  That said, I will seal it if you desire it to be sealed.  The colors are muted shades of blue, yellow, purple, pink, red, green and copper.  If you wish for me to flame paint it further for more color, just tell me then I will seal it with a non toxic sealer. 

This bracelet will adjust easily by pushing the ends together.  It is 8 1/2" long and, as is, will fit up to 8 3/4" wrist.  Push the ends together for smaller sizing.  Will go down to 7" according to my sizer.

PLEASE NOTE:  The colors show VERY bright in these photo's.  The colors are muted and not as bright as the photo's show.