Blued Copper Disc Bracelet

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I really enjoyed putting this bracelet together !  The pattern I impressed on the copper is really lovely. I then cut the discs and domed them and put 2 together.  The blue ink paint on each disc is a really pretty shade of dark blue.  The blue stands out in the recesses of the impressions.  I then coated it with a special sealer to protect the color from fading and damage.  The coating is safe to wear against the skin.  I left the clasp uncolored so the copper will patina quite nicely on it's own.  My sizer says it will fit a wrist up to 7" comfortably BUT I have a 7 1/2" wrist and it's a wee bit loose on me.  I guess I need a new sizer !  lol !  It truly is very comfortable.  If you need it sized either way, just message me and we can work out the details.  If I have issues with making it smaller or larger, I can make another one just for you.  :)  The bracelet measures: 9" long.