About Us


Long ago, ( almost 20 years ago ) I started as a jewelry designer.  Believe it or not, I credit Joan Rivers for that decision.  :)  Yes, Joan Rivers.  One day, I was watching her on QVC selling her costume jewelry.  She had some beaded bracelets I fell in love with and bought.  Fast forward to about a year later and I began designing my own jewelry out of other lampworkers beads and such.  After about another year I figured I give lampworking a shot and there I have been since.  My love of melting glass has brought me many fun and awesome years of joy !  Still does ! 

Being on hiatus for the last 9 months or so from making glass beads I have discovered jewelry designing once again but this time - with metal.  I am learning so much and enjoying every second of it.  I've used fine silver, sterling silver, copper, aluminum and brass in my pieces.  I'm also exploring making components for others to use.  All in all, metalsmithing is as much of a joy to play in as making glass beads is.  :)  I am thrilled to be able to explore and learn a new craft/art.  For me, it's a craft I guess since I have done so many other crafty things.  lol ! 

I started my glass journey when I was 51 and have not looked back.  Since that time, I have also tried my hand at beading on a loom, Kumihimo with and without beads, knitting with a loom, hand dyeing silk strings/cords, wire working, beaded dolls, beaded trees, making jewelry of course, crafting dragon eyes and more.  I'm a crafter from way back so there are things like macrame that I have done in the long ago past.  Can you tell I was a child of the 60's with so many beads in my life !  lol !    I wish I could say I am an artist but I'm just not and that's ok.  I'm happy with what I do and have fun doing them and that counts for alot.  I am now 65 (just turned) and starting anew again.  Life is good. 

Here I am at the torch some time ago.  My hair still has brown in it !  lol !