Sale Over But............................. things are still happening.  :) 

That said, my website is still a work in progress.  I took a little time off after setting up because I needed a little break but am back into it.  You will be seeing a couple of new catagories added with some new products very soon.  I will be adding more products to the metal jewelry line and I hope to be back at my beloved torch by summers end.  I just don't torch in the summer.  Too hot and humid !

I'm still learning and practicing metalsmithing and enjoying every second !  Recently, I made my very first hoop earrings and a brass flower.  I'll be keeping both for myself but there will be more to come ! 

For the month of June - I am offering a sale on all beaded jewerly !  35% off everything in the "JEWELRY WITH BEADS" catagory - EXCEPT for custom made items !  There is NO coupon code.  I will refund back to you the 35% via Paypal as soon as your purchase goes through.  No problem !  If there is a way to add a coupon code to that catagory only, I will do it when I learn it but until then, I will issue a refund. 

Thanks for coming by !  I hope you come back again soon !