New Beginnings - Again

Hi Everyone !  

If you have found me already, thanks for coming by.  Stay tuned.  This is a website in progress.  I'm just 2 days into it.  :)  I'll be adding new items as often as I possibly can. 

You can see I will be offering many types of crafty items.  That said, my passions are glass and metal work.  I love both to the point that sometimes it takes over.  Which might be ok.  lol ! 

Right now, I am REALLY into creating with metals while my torch is on hiatus because of pollen and soon high heat and humidity.  I do not torch in the spring /summer.  Only fall and winter.  Many reasons I'll get into later.  So metals are taking over !  I'm learning, having fun and enjoy keeping busy. 

Please come back often to check out what's happening, being added to the products catagories and anything else that might pop up. 

Thanks for visiting !